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~~~ Cakes/Cookies/Pies/Breads ~~~

2 ingredient soft spice cookies

3 ingredient cobbler

3 ingredient oatmeal cookies

4 ingredient snickers cookies

almond joy cake bars
  almond joy cookies and ice cream

 pumpkin cookies

bacon cookies

banana split pie

cannoli crumb pie

caramel apple tart

champagne cookies

chocolate cobbler

chocolate cornbread

cream cheese plum crumble - boxed cake mix

no eggs, no milk, banana bread

old fashioned gingerbread

red velvet whoopie pies

ritz thin mint cookies

smores kiss cups


soft gingerbread cookies

surprize inside cupcakes

tiramisu bread pudding

tomato soup cake

vampire cookies - Halloween

vinegar pie

zebra cupcakes - low fat

~~~ Candies ~~~

caramel cashew chewies

candied walnuts

chinese new year chocolate candy

chocolate birds nests - easter/springtime

christmas candy

corn flake coconut macaroons

cream cheese mints

crunchy chocolate monsters - Halloween


fruit roll-up valentine fortune cookies

pecan turtle bars

peppermint balls

pretzel ghosts

microwave almond brittle

monster eyes - Halloween

reindeer pops - Christmas

smores pops

~~~ Cold ~~~

banana split mini bites

frozen chocolate banana bites

      ice cream cake - 2 ways

mango/banana sorbet

mint chocolate chip ice cream

watermelon sorbet

unfried ice cream

~~~ Fruit ~~~

campfire banana boats

chinese turnovers

fruit focaccia

red white and blue strawberries

sauteed apples

watermelon dippers

~~~ Miso. ~~~

almond joy shot glass desserts

apple danish roll-ups

apple dumplings

apple pie egg rolls with caramel drizzle

apple pie sandwiches

banana rum fritters

candied bread

cannoli cream dessert

cannoli dip

caramel apple cinnamon nachos

chocolate chip quinoa trail mix balls

peanut butter and jelly banana burritos

pumpkin pie dip

my mom's struffoli

skinny chocolate banana soufflé

smores dip

super easy dessert crepes

sweet taco snack

~~~Muffins ~~~

apple muffins & pumpkin cookies

french toast muffins

matrimonial bliss

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