About Me/Contact

My name is Lillian and I'm from Long Island, NY. I'm an old fashioned Italian girl with a passion for trying recipes that I find on cooking websites! Every week I try 3-4 new recipes from various sites. I also love to photograph every new recipe that I try. This blog will be my diary of all the best recipes I've tried...Plus a few of my own creations thrown in. If any of my readers have some tried and true recipes that you think I would love, please send them to me. If I try the recipe and love it, I'll post the recipe on this blog with credit given to the sender. My email info is shown below.

 I also love to try great food products, cookware and kitchen gadgets. If you would like for me to review any of those items, or do a Giveaway of such items, please contact me to discuss it further.

                             Email address - lilliancooks @ yahoo.com

I hope you enjoy the recipes I've posted. If you try a recipe from this blog, please come back and leave a comment on the recipe, letting me know how you liked it. I'm always truly happy to see comments from my readers!

Thank you so much for visiting my food blog. I hope you'll stop by often!
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