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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fat Free, Microwave, Potato Chips!

A foodie friend of mine named Sherri Logan, showed me a recipe she found on the Internet for microwave potato chips! As soon as I saw it I knew I had to try it! Well, they were VERY good! I made the chips in various flavors such as seasoned salt, onion, and red hot sauce flavors! I liked the onion flavored the best! I just sprinkled the uncooked potato slices with kosher salt( just a scant pinch on each slice) and onion powder before microwaving. My teen daughter loved the red hot sauce flavored. I made those by just adding one drop on each uncooked potato slice, then I smeared it across the entire slice before microwaving! Here are my photos of the process...
You will need a mandoline for this...and a bowl of cold water.
This is how thin to slice the potatoes...1/8 of an inch.

Fat Free, Microwave, Potato Chips
These are the finished chip! Crunchy and fat free!!!

Here's is the link to the recipe...
This is not the kind of chips you'll want to make for a large crowd because it's time consuming! But it's perfect for a family of 4...I used 2 large russet potatoes and it was just enough for the 4 of us!
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