Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cheesy Thumbprint Cookies with Hot Pepper Jelly

Recently I blogged about an easy and perfectly delicious way to make stove top hot pepper jelly without having to use canning methods. You can see that post **Here**

Cheesy Thumbprint Cookies with Hot Pepper JellyThen I stumbled onto a unique way to serve the hot pepper jelly by adding them to these savory, cheesy, thumbprint cookies! The cookies are very tasty all by themselves. They remind me of big, soft, 'Cheez-It' crackers. So adding the hot pepper jelly just made it twice as tasty! The thumbprint cookies are so very easy to make! They're just 3 ingredients...sharp cheddar cheese, butter and flour. And they bake up in less than 20 minutes. This makes a great little appetizer!

Here is the link to the cheesy thumbprint cookies...**Link**


  1. Lillian, these look delicious!! I love sweet and spicy! Great recipe thank you! :)

  2. I agree Melissa, great recipe! Thank you so much for sharing Lillian!!


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