Thursday, May 24, 2012

Don't Believe Everything You See On Pinterest!!!

Strawberry Smores
I saw this recipe for 'Strawberry Smores' on Pinterest! It was one of those recipes that was 'Re-Pinned' a lot!!! The photo looked soooo inviting and delicious! It also sounded VERY easy to make! WRONG!!!! First check out this link for the recipe...*recipe link*
The main problem with this recipe is that the marshmallow fluff does not stay contained in the cavity of the strawberry! It oozes out as soon as you lay it down! So now you have a large mess of fluff all over the plate! And it doesn't really taste like a smore because the marshmallow isn't roasted! You're better off just cramming a whole marshmallow into the strawberry. Or maybe try roasting a marshmallow and then sticking it into the strawberry! Or just make some smores the old fashioned way and serve it with some strawberries on the side! Here's is my photo of the finished product! Don't let the pic fool you! That's how I got tricked into trying these! You can't see the messy fluff dripping out the top of the strawberries from this angle.


  1. I hope that at least they tasted good!

  2. Looked like it would have been fun to do with my grandaughter. Thank you for the heads up.

    1. No, this is too messy and frustrating to do with a child! Well unless it's Julia Child! lol!


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