Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Favorite Cocktail - Homemade!

Red Apple Martini
Red Apple Martini

I just love Red Apple Martinis!!! It's so hard to find a bartender that really knows how to make one correctly!

 Well, a few years ago I was out to lunch with my husband at this cute little seaside was a very casual place! The kind of place that you just drive up to in your boat! Flip flops and a T-shirt is the usual attire!

We walked in and sat down at the bar.
The bartender was a very friendly young man, so I asked him if he knew how to make a red apple martini. He said "Yes" very proudly! So I was very anxious to see if he could back up what he said! Then he continued to make my drink!

He mixed a few things into a shaker with some crushed ice and then just did a little shake, shake, shake and poured! It was love at first sip...this was the best red apple martini I ever had! I asked him how he made it and I was so surprised at what he said!

 1 shot of vodka
 1 shot of  green apple pucker
 and now this last ingredient is the secret...
1 & 1/2 shots of 100% pure cranberry juice!!!
That's what tricks your tongue into thinking you're tasting a red apple!!! And when mixed with the other ingredients it really DOES tastes just like a red apple!

Now I make my red apple martinis at home all the time! Try it... I know you will love it!


  1. OMG!!!!! Love, love, love, love, love appletini's!!!
    Thank you Lillian!!!

  2. It looks great! I only had one martini in my life, but this sounds good!

  3. This sounds totally amazing! I'm sharing this on Twitter and my FB page; thanks for stopping by from Happy Go Lucky!

    1. Hi Jessi! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing this post! I really appreciate that! =)


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