Thursday, January 19, 2012

Did You Know...

...that hamburger buns are great for making stuffed French toast?
Stuffed French Toast

Well, I found this out when I had some burger buns that I wanted to use up! It was morning and I felt like having stuffed French toast, so I took the burger buns and made a stuffing with sweetened cream cheese ( that's just cream cheese with sugar to taste), chopped bananas, and blueberries. I spread this cream cheese mixture into the buns as if to make a sandwich. Then I pressed the buns slightly to flatten them. I dipped it in an egg wash made of eggs, a splash of milk and lots of cinnamon powder. Then I just pan fried them with a little butter til browned on both sides. I served it with powdered sugar. I think I'll make my stuffed French toast with burger buns from now on because it can really hold up to all the filling!

Stuffed French Toast

 I crave this now!!!


  1. Sharing this! Looks delightful and yummy and no, I never would have considered using hamburger buns for a breakfast meal. They should call them "all purpose buns" to get everyone to think outside the box!

  2. Thank you so much Kitchen Angel! LOL..."all purpose buns"...I like the way you think! =)


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