Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Allstar Program

Allrecipes Allstar Ambassador Program

I was invited to be an Allstar Brand Ambassador by, when the Allstar program first started in June 2011...And I gladly accepted!
As part of the program, Allstar members are often given food items from various manufactures. We are asked to use these food items in different recipes and to then give our honest review of that item, along with a photo of the finished recipe. On this page I will show the products and recipes I have made with these items. This is a fun program for me because I'm doing everything I love doing...trying new recipes, reviewing recipes and photographing recipes!
 Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing
I was given this product and asked to make a Hidden Valley Ranch recipe from the site. I chose this recipe...

 And it was very good! Of course I tweaked the recipe, as I usually do! This is my photo of the finished dish along with my review.

This was very good! I made it as written except I used regular broccoli...I couldn't find the alien kind! And I used all wagon wheel, no spiral. I may add some green onion next time...just for more flavor! I did use the black olives, as suggested, and it went very well with this salad!
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
This was an easy one for me because I've always liked this product! We were asked to make 2 recipes using this item. Here are my photos and reviews.

I made these exactly as written, but I used the reduced fat crescent rolls! I just shaped them into domes because it was so much easier! These were VERY good, as I knew they would be because I love anything made with crescent rolls! These were like little fluffy pillows of pizza goodness!


This was pretty good...but I would probably use my own pulled chicken recipe next time!


Barber Foods
This was one of my favorite Allstar assignments so far! The Barber foods company sent us 9 coupons for free stuffed chicken breasts. My family loved this product! Here is the link to their website and below is my photo of their product!

I selected their chicken Parmesan stuffed chicken and their broccoli & cheese stuffed chicken. Both were very good! Just bake for 30 minutes in the oven! I served it with a recipe from the Barber foods site...grilled sweet potato fries.
I highly recommend their recipe! And the dipping sauce in that recipe is just PERFECT with the grilled sweet potatoes!


Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chips
We were given this product to use for a Cookies Across America campaign. The Allstars were to bake Nestle Toll House cookies for the holidays and give them away! I always make dozens of cookies for the holidays, so this was a pleasure! 
This is the photo of my cookies...
I made my chocolate chip cookies into biscotti shapes!


  1. Hi Lillian, so glad you have a blog now, well I follow you now, hope you can come to mine too :) good luck and I will love to see what you have to share,
    best of luck


  2. Thank you so much Magali! I will definitely do that!

  3. Great job Lillian! Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see your next post!

  4. Thank you so much Kc...I'm having so much fun with it! And its even more fun knowing that others are reading my blog!

  5. Hey Lillian. The Fiber one is often used crushed as a coating for meats to oven fry them. I'm going to pull my book out that I saw alot of fiber one recipes in them and let you know k?

  6. Thank you so much Foodi...but they need to be recipes that are not from the Fiber One people! The recipes need to come from thin air, so to speak! =)


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