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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snowed In! So LOTS of Cooking Today!

Well, we finally got our first snow storm of the year today! It's only about 5 inches so far, but it's enough to keep all of us home! YAY! I love it when my whole family is home! Today is the perfect day to try some of those tasty looking recipes I've been wanting to make! I already have the slow cooker going with a posole recipe! I also have an applesauce loaf in the oven! I'll be making a couple of loaves of crusty bread to go with the posole! And I want to make another Chef Boyardee concoction to enter in the that contest that I mentioned in my other post! If the recipes turn out REALLY good, I'll post them here later!

I wonder what my fellow foodies are cooking today!

                                  ~~~~ Update ~~~
The applesauce loaf is delicious! The aroma of apple/cinnamon spice filled my house while this was baking! I just enjoyed 2 slices with a cup of coffee! What I love about this recipe is that it is VERY low fat...only 2 tbls of butter and 1 egg! And its not overly sweet either!  Here is my photo and  recipe link to my tweaked version of this tasty snack! 
Applesauce Bread

The posole recipe was a winner....such hearty, authentic, flavors! Perfect for this snowy day! Here's my photo and the link to my tweaked version of this tasty recipe!

And this is the bread I made to go with the posole... I always use this recipe because it tastes just like the bread I get from my favorite bakery! And its so easy to make with a few simple ingredients!
Easy French Bread

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