Sunday, August 17, 2014

Flip Flop Sandwiches!

These are just so easy to make and so darn cute! My family thought it was very creative. I made these using sliced turkey breast, American cheese and mustard. And some where made with ham and cheese. The green straps and orange colored embellishments are sliced green onions and carrots. The flip flop shape is created easily by using a cookie cutter. I never realized there are so many different kinds of cookie cutter shapes! I think you can find just about any shape you'll need here at Karen's Cookies. That's where I bought my flip flop cookie cutter for only $1.99 plus shipping.

I wish I could take credit for these adorable little sandwiches, but I'm not that artistically inclined! I found this sandwich idea on a blog called Pretti Mini. They made their flip flop sandwiches for a little girls 'Enchanted Spa Party'. Her themed parties are truly amazing! Go check out all the cute party ideas on that website!

Flip Flop Sandwiches

sliced bread - white or wheat
sliced deli meats/cold cuts of your choice
mustard or mayo
sliced cheese of your choice
green onion tops - cut into thin strips
baby carrots - cut into thin rounds
flip flop shaped cookie cutter

Make sandwiches as you normally would.
Then press the cookie cutter into the center of each sandwich
 making sure to cut all the way through the sandwich.
Remove cookie cutter carefully.
Remove the flip flop shaped sandwich from the center
and place on a platter.
Don't throw away the extra sandwich pieces.
Cut them into small squares and serve as tea/finger sandwiches.
Take 2 strips of green onion and have the 2 pieces meet at one end.
Place the 2 strips that meet at the top of the flip flop.
Top with a carrot round where the green onion meet and push
a toothpick completely through the carrot, green onion strips and the sandwich.
Spread out the green onion strips to form a V shape for flip flop straps.
Trim whatever hangs over the sides with kitchen scissors.
Serve and enjoy!


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    1. Hi Mich! Aren't these fun? Thank you so much for checking them out and commenting! ((((HUGS)))) =D

  2. Thank you for the mention! Love the way yours turned out!
    Owner of Pretti Mini

    1. Hi Jen! Thank you so much...these were fun to make. And thanks for stopping by =D


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