Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pasta with Creamy Truffle Sauce

Pasta with Creamy Truffle Sauce

Did I ever tell you that I have a soft spot for creamy pasta recipes! I actually have a soft spot for any creamy recipes, whether it's pasta, chicken, pork...well, you get the idea! What caught my eye about this next recipe was not only the luscious photo of the pasta bathed in all that creamy mouthwatering sauce, but also the word 'Truffle'. You see, I also have a soft spot for all things that contain truffles! I can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on whole truffles, so I just use truffle oil instead. This is my favorite brand (Bella Famiglia) because the flavor is perfect...not too strong and not too weak! If the truffle flavor is too strong it can taste like burnt tires. That 3.38 oz bottle was only about $12. And I only use about 1 teaspoon per recipe, so it really goes a long way!

This recipe was so easy to make. I cooked this up in about 15 minutes! I found the recipe here on a food blog called Tortillas and Honey. I tweaked it slightly because I had to use the ingredients I had on hand. I added extra truffle oil to increase the truffle flavor.
This recipe makes one serving, so increase the ingredients as needed for more servings.
I made this for lunch. I was the only one home, so I enjoyed this all by myself! *Smiles*

Pasta with Creamy Truffle Sauce
Pasta with Creamy Truffle Sauce
makes 1 serving

4 oz. thin spaghetti
1 egg
3 Tbls. ricotta cheese
3 Tbls. fresh grated parmesan cheese
1 tsp. white truffle oil
a pinch each of salt & pepper
1 Tbls. butter
3 Tbls. reserved pasta water - hot
1 Tbls. fresh chopped parsley, garnish - optional
Cook pasta in salted water according to package directions.
While the pasta is cooking start the creamy sauce by mixing together the egg, ricotta, parmesan cheese, truffle oil, salt & pepper in a small bowl. Mix until creamy.
Then drain pasta, but remember to reserve 3 tablespoons of the hot pasta water.
After draining, return pasta to the pot but turn the burner to warm.
While pasta is still hot add in the butter and reserved hot water, stirring until butter melts.
Then quickly add in the creamy sauce mixture, stirring to coat the pasta. Stir for about a minute or two. Serve warm with parsley sprinkled on top.

Original recipe from Tortillas and Honey


  1. Oh my goodness - this looks so incredibly delicious that I could almost eat the screen! I love creamy pasta as well.........YUM!

    1. Awwww...thank you so much Kelli! it's always so nice to see your sweet comments! BIG (((HUGS))) =D


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