Sunday, April 10, 2016

Date with a Shrimp...

Date with a Shrimp
...That was the title of this next recipe! But this was no shrimpy date! The flavors were huge and absolutely superb!

This is a jumbo shrimp that is butterflied then stuffed with a date and wrapped in prosciutto. It is then pan fried in a little olive oil. It's served with a luscious, spicy, sweet, sesame dipping sauce and served with a cold creamy corn salad and arugula greens. Everything from the salty/sweet shrimp to the robust dipping sauce and the refreshing corn salad are in perfect harmony with each other in this easy gourmet appetizer!

I found this recipe on my new favorite cooking blog called 'The Well Heeled Cook'...check it out and get the recipe. I love the creativity of ALL her recipes! And her video style is extremely unique! A very entertaining cooking video series.

I made her recipe exactly as written except I stuffed some feta cheese inside the shrimp with the date.
Date with a Shrimp
Click *here* for the recipe


  1. I am not able to print the recipe. Something is wrong, print is to light . I tried print friendly but it want print HELP!!!!!!!

  2. I am unable to print the rcipe. It is to light and want print. I tried print friendly but will not print HELP!!!!!

  3. Hi Gayle, this recipe is not on my website so I'm not sure why it won't print for you. Try contacting the website where the recipe is posted. Or copy & paste the recipe from 'The Well Healed Cook' website and email it to yourself...then you can print it from your email. That's what I always do. I hope this helps. =D


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