Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cute Lady Bug Crackers!

I'm really loving the recipes I find on Pinterest these days! There are some very unique and fun ways to play with food on that site...which is my favorite thing to do!

Here is an example of what I'm talking about!

Lady Bug Crackers
I'm not very artistic but I think they still look pretty good!
This is made with cream cheese, grape tomatoes and black olives. 
The black lines and dots are cake deco gel.
The antennas are strips of green onion.
Yes, the person who came up with this is EXTREMELY
Now, this was lots of fun to make, buuuuuut, I wouldn't want to make more than a dozen of these because it's very tedious work drawing all the lines and dots! Not to mention cutting and placing ALL those antennas (is that what they're called) on their little heads!

My kids thought these were cute and even wished they were young enough to have this at their parties! They taste really good too!

This is the link to the blog where I found this recipe...*recipe link*  There you will find step by step instructions on how to make these. Plus you'll see better artistic abilities in the lady bug crackers on that blog!

  6 grape sized tomatoes
 3 green onions (white and green parts)
 6 small pitted black olives
 8 oz. cream cheese (softened)
black cake decorating gel
 12 crackers

Cut each grape tomato in half lengthwise. Set aside.
Slice some of the green onions into small strips for the antenna, as in photo.
Set aside.
 Then chop the rest of the green onions to add to the cream cheese.
Slice the olives into rings for the head, as in photo. Set aside.
Mix together the cream cheese and the chopped green onions. Set aside.

Spread about a tablespoon or more of the cream cheese mixture
onto each cracker.
Place a tomato half, cut side down, onto the cream cheese mixture
 of each cracker.
Add the olive at the top of one end of the tomato, for the head, as in photo.
Place 2 green onion strips, sticking out of the hole of
 each olive slice, for antennas.
Using the black cake gel, draw a thin black line legnthwise down the center of each tomato half. Then add about 3 dots on each side of tomato half, as in photo.
Can be stored in a covered container in the fridge until ready to serve.



  1. These are so cute. I know my baby girl would love it. :) I gotta agree, I just addictive on Pinterest as you are!

  2. I bet instead of the gel you could use a Balsamic reduction and really make the flavor pop.

    1. That's a great idea! It could be painted on! But the cake gel gave it a nice sweetness! Thanks for checking it out! =D

  3. They have edible coloring pens that might be easier to use with the lines and dots. Might look into that.

    1. Oh yes, that would be easier! I'll have to look for that! Thanks! =)

  4. these are really cute Lillian. I could see them going to a preschool party or elementary school party! They'd be a hit with the kids and healthy too!

    1. Yes, definitely Renee! But my hubby even liked these! He requested them for Father's Day last year! lol!

  5. How do I pin this, don't see the PIN sign...

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for wanting to pin this! To pin this post just click on the title 'Cute Lady Bug Crackers' then just go to the right side of this page and you will see a 'Pin It' that and you be able top share this recipe on Pinterest! Thanks! =D


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