Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Low Fat and Fast Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo!

I found this recipe on Allrecipes.com and I tweaked it slightly. I've been making this recipe for many years!
This is a meal I love to make when I don't have much time to cook! This only takes about 30 minutes to make! And it's so creamy, delicious and filling! The fact that it's low fat is just an extra bonus! You can use any pasta shape you like! I like to use bow ties because my kids like that shape!

Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo
Easy Low Fat Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo

12 oz. uncooked pasta
2 cups chopped broccoli florets
2 tbls. butter
1 lb. skinless boneless chicken cutlets - cubed
1 can 98% fat free condensed cream of mushroom soup
1/2 cup milk - 1%
1/2 cup fresh grated parmesan cheese
1/4 tsp. ground black pepper

Prepare pasta according to package directions. Add broccoli during last 5 min of cooking time.
Drain pasta and broccoli. Set aside.
In a large skillet over medium heat, melt butter. Add chicken and cook until browned, stirring often until liquid evaporates.
Add soup, milk, cheese, pepper and pasta with broccoli.
Cook until heated through.
Serve warm.
Serves 4


  1. I make this same dish only I make a basic white sauce base instead of the soup. I have nothing against the soup but just prefer the taste of the white sauce with garlic added.

  2. Hi Nana...yum, white sauce with garlic! Great idea. Thanks for stopping by =D


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