Friday, June 20, 2014

Venezuelan Hot Dogs

Venezuelan Hot Dogs
I recently had the pleasure of doing a cooking episode
on the Better Show with Chef George Duran. I was asked to make my recipe for
Hot Dog Onions and George made some Big Smokey Burgers!
It was a fun experience because George and the crew made me feel very welcomed!
During the filming George mentioned to me that he had a very good hot dog recipe called Venezuelan Hot Dogs. By the way, George is Venezuelan so he knows what he's talking about! I was intrigued by the combination of ingredients. I knew I would be making his recipe real soon...and I did!
I was trying to imagine what this recipe would taste like. I love all the ingredients but I just couldn't think of what they would be like on a hot dog! Well, it was delicious! It tastes like you're eating a hot dog with coleslaw and French fries in every bite! And boy, you really need to take a big bite! There's a whole lot of stuff going on with these hot dogs and we loved all of it! My family gave it 5 stars and believe me, they're a tough crowd!
This recipe will be on the menu for my July 4th barbecue!
Thank you George!
Venezuelan Hot Dogs
Venezuelan Hot Dogs

green cabbage
potato chips, crushed
Click **here** for complete recipe and directions.



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