Monday, October 7, 2013

Vertically Roasted Chicken with Vegetables

Vertically Roasted Chicken with Vegetables
I have always wanted to try baking my chicken vertically! It seems the best way to do it because then you have more room in your oven for other things like side dishes!

Tube Cake Pan
On this day I needed to bake 2 chickens plus the veggies, so this worked perfectly! Everything fit on one rack in my oven. The problem was that I only had one vertical roasting pan. I had to improvise. I used a tube cake pan and it worked just as well except there is a little less room for the veggies. And I had to add  a round cake pan under the tube pan to catch the drippings from the chicken that may drip down from the center hole. But this is still a great alternative!
Vertical Roasting Pan
I love the fact that the veggies on the bottom of the pan bake in the chicken juices giving the veggies so much flavor. I did add a little oil, salt and pepper to the veggies before placing them in the pan. I also rubbed a little oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder on the chicken. I removed the skin from the torso of the chicken, but you don't have to. I used potatoes, onions and green peppers for my veggies, but you can also use carrots or other vegetables of your choice. And you can season the chicken and veggies with any herbs of your choice.

I will definitely be roasting my chickens this way from now on! Sorry I don't have photos of the chickens after they were roasted! I thought I took pictures, but if I did I can't find them! I promise that I'll update this post with photos next time I make this!

Vertically Roasted Chicken with Vegetables - in tube pan
In the Tube Cake Pan
Vertically Roasted Chicken with Vegetables - vertical roaster pan
In the Vertical Roasting Pan

 1 whole chicken
3 Tbls. olive oil
salt, pepper, garlic powder - to season chicken and veggies
1 potato, washed, peeled and chopped
1 large onion, peeled and chopped
1 green bell pepper, seeded and chopped
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Remove innards from body cavity of chicken and discard or save for future use.
Remove skin from chicken if desired.
Rub about 2 Tbls. of olive oil over entire chicken.
Then light sprinkle chicken with salt, pepper and garlic powder.
Place all the chopped veggies evenly in the bottom of the vertical roaster or tube pan.
Sprinkle with about 1 Tbls olive oil and lightly sprinkle with salt and pepper. Toss to coat.
Place the chicken onto the center spout of the vertical roaster or tube pan.
If using a tube pan place a small round cake pan under the tube pan to catch any dripping from center hole of spout.
Arrange oven rack so that top of chicken is about 4 inches from heating element.
Bake chicken uncovered for 20 minutes per pound.
Veggies should be fork tender when chicken is done roasting.
If you want to brown the veggies, just remove the chicken from the pan, raise the oven rack a few inches from heating element, raise temp to 450 degrees F. and bake until desired browning is achieved.

Vertically Roasted Chicken
Vertical Roasted Chicken - Cooked
Updated as promised!



  1. What a great way to roast a chicken! I bet those vegetables were awesome having cooked in the drippings! Cool pan!

    1. Hi Mjskit! Thanks! Yes, they were perfect! I'll have to make this again real soon so that I can get 'after' pics! I wonder if they make a vertical roaster large enough to fit a turkey? =D

  2. I love your vertical roasting pan... may I ask where you got it?

    1. Hi Kristina! I got the pan as a gift. It's a 'Napa Style' brand. I think you can buy it online. =D


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