Friday, February 8, 2013

Leftover Champagne? Make a Martini and Some Cookies!

What do you do with leftover champagne? I don't like to just throw it away! It's too expensive to waste! So I went looking for recipes that I could make with it!

The first recipe I found was for a martini! Have I ever mentioned how much I love martinis? Yes, I think I may have mentioned it once, twice or three
Lisa-Tini Martinitimes...*here*...*here* and *here*!

I love the idea of a fizzy martini, so this was perfect! This one contained not only champagne but also lemon vodka and orange liquor. I loved the citrus flavors! This was sparkling and refreshing! The name of this martini is
'The Lisa-Tini Martini' from

I still had more champagne to use, so I went looking for more recipes on and found a cookie recipe! I never thought to use champagne in cookies! But why not? This next recipe is simply called 'Champagne Cookies'. Not only is it MADE with champagne but it tastes great SERVED with champagne! Of course, I had a few cookies and a few sips, just to make sure!  These cookies taste similar to a sweet bread. They're plain but satisfying! They are soft with a slightly crunchy edge! I loved them!
Champagne Cookies

So don't throw away those extra bottles of champagne! And don't try to re-gift them, like I've done! Just make them into something delicious!

Thank you to my neighbors Frank & Kristie for the bottle of champagne that was used in these recipes! xoxox


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I loved these recipes! And now my champagne is almost gone! =)

  2. Leftover champagne? What is that? haha, kidding. love these recipes :)

    1. lol...I know, I'm a wimpy champagne drinker! But I never have any leftover martinis! ;)


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