Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Instant Mac and Cheese in the Microwave!

I love Mac & Cheese and I love making quick food in the microwave, so this intrigued me! Can this really work? I've made coffee cake in a mug **see here** and loved it! Now I needed to try this new recipe!

Instant Mac and Cheese in the Microwave
It worked out pretty well! The mac & cheese was creamy but a little gritty. When it was done cooking it was soupy, but as it cooled it thickened up a bit. The flavor was perfect. It was slightly tricky to cook because the water kept bubbling over the mug, so I needed to keep turning off the microwave and stirring the macaroni. After reading all the reviews I decided to use a 'quick cook' pasta, which worked perfectly! Still bubbled over but at least the macaroni wasn't undercooked or pasty!

 I would make this again because it saves cleaning a pot! Check out the recipe here and try it for yourself...'Instant Mac & Cheese in the Microwave'

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