Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fried Green Potatoes...Not Tomatoes!

The potatoes aren't green...the spinach is! This is my version of hash browns! I love the flavor of fried potatoes with bacon, onions and spinach! It's important to get a nice crust on the potatoes.
Fried Green Potatoes...Not Tomatoes
Fried Green Potatoes

2 large potatoes. I used Yukon Gold, shredded, rinsed well and squeezed dry.
Flour - just enough to dust potatoes
2-4 slices of bacon
1 small onion-minced
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
5 oz. fresh chopped spinach (frozen is also okay, just thaw and squeeze dry)

In a large non stick skillet over medium heat, cook bacon til crisp.
Remove bacon, leaving drippings in skillet.
Saute onions in drippings til tender.
Add spinach and cook til wilted.
Crumble bacon and add back to skillet with
shredded and flour dusted potatoes.
If skillet is too dry add a little olive oil.
Add salt and pepper. Then mix everything together til well blended.
Spread mixture to cover bottom of skillet in a thin layer. Press slightly and let cook for 5 minutes on medium heat.
Cut this mixture into 4 equal pieces and flip each piece.
Cook another 5 minutes.
Then toss and break up sections to cook the inside of the mixture and brown really well, about another 2-3 minutes.
Taste and adjust salt if needed.
Serve warm for 2 people.


  1. This sounds good Lillian!! Let me ask you though, do you think it would of been easier to saute the potatoes after you fry the bacon then add the spinach so everything is cooked crispy? What do you think?

    1. Hi Didi! Yes, that's what I wrote in the directions! I hope you'll try it! (((HUGS))))

  2. This is real close to my GREEN STUFF on JAP, except mine also has sauerkraut in it. I also boil the potatoes, but like the idea of frying. Nice job!♥

    1. Thanks Peggi...This is one of my older creations. I created this and posted it on GroupRecipes 3 years ago. It got lots of great reviews over there! I like the sauerkraut idea! =)

  3. Mine came from Harlen's Dad almost 30 years ago. I think he said it was a German thing. LOL!! I like the frying of the potatoes on yours, I think, better. I will try it that way next time. ♥ :)

    1. Great comeback and let me know how you liked it! (((HUGS)))

  4. wow ! I LOVE this ! and the portabello eggs look awesome too ! xxoo

    1. Thank you so much Lori! It was a yummy breakfast! I even serve these for dinner with the portobello and eggs! =D


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