Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Spontaneous and Perfect Outing!

Don't you just love it when you do something spontaneous and everything works out perfectly! Well that's what happened on this day! The stars were aligned and all was good with the world!

After dinner, my hubby asked me if I wanted to go see the sunset at our favorite beach. We do this often on nice days in the spring and summer. We didn't have much time though because it was 6 pm and we would have to leave the house by 7 pm if we wanted to get there in time to sit and relax as the sun went down! So now the rush was on!

 I thought it would be nice to bring along some homemade sangria. As luck would have it, we actually had a bottle of wine in the fridge that my neighbor Mike gave us...he makes his own wine. My kind of neighbor! He also has a great sangria recipe! kind of neighbor! So we gave Mike a call...YAY, he was home, and he gave us the recipe. I had just about everything needed to make Mike's sangria...except for oranges and peaches. But then I remembered that I had some fresh squeezed orange juice in the freezer. And I also had some leftover canned peach syrup in the freezer too. I know, I keep the strangest things in my freezer. But it can come in very handy at times, as it did this time!

Mike's Sangria Recipe
One bottle of wine, one apple-sliced, six strawberries-sliced, two tablespoons fresh squeezed orange juice (instead of orange slices), two tablespoons canned peach syrup (instead of peach slices), 2 tablespoons sugar and 1/4 cup brandy.
Mike's Sangria
Then I thought it would also be nice to bring some popcorn instead of buying it at the concession stand. I love eating popcorn while watching the sunset. So I looked in the pantry and way in the back, behind some old snacks that no one wanted, was one lonely little bag of microwave popcorn...and it was 'light butter' our favorite! Some how the kids must have missed this!

So I made the sangria and the popcorn, packed up our tote bag, grabbed a beach blanket and camera and we made it out the door in PERFECT time to get to the beach for the sunset.

The weather was, dry and bright skies! And to our surprise, there was plenty of room on the beach to spread out the blanket! Lots of people usually show up there for the sunset. But not this time! Again, perfect!

So we sipped our sangria and munched on our popcorn as we watched the sun go down over the Long Island sound. Even the seagulls behaved and left us alone. Ahhh, life is good!

And I even snapped a perfect picture! Now if I could just plan spontaneous, perfect moments like this...


  1. I hope You had a great night at the beach


    1. Hi Neighbor! Yes, we had a great night...Thank you so much for your wine and sangria recipe! =)

  2. That is so cute Lillian! That wine sounds awesome! I'm bringing you some of our Homemade Cherry Pie Wine to Seattle.

    1. Thanks Peggi! Cherry Pie Wine! I love it already!!! (((HUGS)))


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