Sunday, April 15, 2012

My 15 Mintues of Fame!

Well, it will really only be 5 minutes of fame after the video is!
 I was recently asked to film a McCormick Gourmet Seasoning Mixes video! It's one of their new products, soon to be released nation wide this spring and summer! The video will be shown on the McCormick website and on in June. This was done through my association with the Allrecipes Allstar Brand Ambassador Program...I was chosen along with three other members of that program. The four of us have only known each other online, through the Allrecipes cooking site, but were now able to meet and cook some delicious recipes together using these spice mixes! We had so much fun! With this new product, all you have to do is add a few simple ingredients along with the spice pack, and you have a VERY flavorful meal for your family! I tried the spice mix in the photo whole family loved it! And my house smelled so good while the food was baking! McCormick will be sending me a shipment to giveaway to one of my readers! So stay tuned for that one! I'll post the giveaway as soon as I receive the package from them!
 Here are some behind the scenes photos of the video shoot!

This is Jennifer and I. We cooked together! She is lovely inside and out! I truly enjoyed getting to meet her!

A nice bagel spread for breakfast!

In the kitchen getting ready to cook!

Sitting and chatting!

 Making a video is so much harder than I thought!
But Erik and David were very patient, so it made
the process so much easier!

The cameramen setting up a shot!

The finished dishes...YUM!

I'll post the finished video as soon as it's completed! 


  1. How fun! Great pictures Lillian. Thanks for sharing your experience :)

  2. Lillian!!! That looks like quite the experience!!! Can't wait to see the video! How fun and exciting!!!

    1. Thanks Wendy! I can't wait to see the video also! They're really going to have to work some magic in the editing room! I'm no!

  3. What an amazing opportunity!!! I'm sooooooooo proud of you!!!

  4. Lillan, you'll always be famous to me!! I'm sure the camera loved your beautiful smile! Great job!!!

    1.'re a sweetie Melissa! Thank you! (((HUGS)))

  5. Great! I was wondering who ended up going to Seattle for this opportunity! Thank you for the "behind the scenes" photos! I remember David when I did a "What's Cooking?" episode. He is very talented. Looking forward to seeing your work!

  6. I love the 'What's Cooking' videos!!! Please post the link to the one you did...I love to see it!


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