Friday, April 6, 2012

Just Wanted to Share...

My Seattle trip was so much fun! The Allrecipes staff really showed us a great time! It was first class all the way,  from the room to the food!

Fries in brown gravy with cheese curd
 I think I could be very happy living in Seattle! What a beautiful city! Downtown Seattle was filled with so many delicious places to eat...I just wanted to eat my way through the entire place! I actually almost!

Salted caramel gelato

Chocolate pecan pie

Crab tater tots

Coconut curry soup

This is just a small sample of what we ate!
Seattle is definitely a foodie I was in heaven!

The views were just breath taking!

And I could have spent the whole day at Pike Street Market! There was so much to see and taste...smoked fish, cheeses, baked goods, teas and spices! 
And the flowers sold at the market were the most perfect looking flowers I have ever seen! 
My friend and fellow foodie, turned tour guide, showed us around downtown Seattle...Thank you Laurie! You're the best!
I'm hoping to go back to Seattle for another visit! We truly enjoyed being there! I will always be grateful to the wonderful staff from for this exciting and fun get-away!


  1. This is a great recap Lillian. It was so fun to finally meet you in person! Seattle was incredible. Food and coffee at every turn - definitely my kind of town!

    1. Hi Val! Thank you! It was so much fun meeting you too! Yes, it was my kind of town too! I told Tony that I think I could be very happy living there! I can't wait to go back someday!

  2. Aw! I had so much fun with you and Tony. I really hope you get to come back soon and we can have another play date! :)


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