Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's a Party!

Party Poppers
Party Poppers
Everyone loves party poppers! These are the ones I made when my kids were in elementary school! I would send these to school, with cupcakes, for the class to celebrate! It was always a huge hit with the kids because it was different and fun to open! And its so easy to customize for any occasion...birthdays, baby showers, holidays, etc....
How to make these...
1. Just save your empty toilet paper tubes

2. Then just take a 13" x 13" piece of wrapping paper and wrap it around the tube
3. Tape it and twist one end closed. Then tie the end with a piece of ribbon.

4. Fill the tube with candy and trinkets. Then twist that end closed and tie with another piece of ribbon

Everyone loves to rip these open and see what's inside! These cost a fraction of what the store bought party poppers cost! Plus YOU can decide what to put inside! 

Wrap toilet paper tube with wrapping paper, fill with candy and trinkets, twist ends close, tie ends with ribbon...and done!
 And speaking of parties...how about a cool recipe to bring to a Super Bowl party! I made these Cream Cheese Penguins (click here for recipe) for the Super Bowl, a few years ago, and the men still rave about it! I never saw so many grown men, be that happy about cute little penguins! I guess as long as it has something to do with football, its a winner!
Click on the photo to enlarge
Cream Cheese Penguins
The football is a cheeseball covered with chopped walnuts.
I added powdered ranch dressing mix to the cream cheese in the penguins, to give it more flavor. And for the scarfs, I cut jarrred red peppers into long thin strips!


  1. Awesome tips sweetheart... how did you do the penquins?? They are so darn cute!!!

  2. Aren't they cute! To make them just click on the words 'Cream Cheese Penguins' in the above paragraph, and it will take you to the recipe! I forgot to mention that the scarfs are made from jarred red peppers that I cut into long thin strips!


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