Friday, February 10, 2012

Do You Love to Win Prizes Everyday?

Cuisinart Ice-Cream Maker

Well, if you do, you just have to check out this Facebook page! **Relish Facebook Page** I won 2 prizes this week! And it was so easy! I just joined the Relish recipe site, **Click Here** Then I added some of my recipes to the site! Check their Facebook page daily for giveaways! Then just post the link to a recipe from their recipe site, to the giveaway post and your done! They post the giveaway every morning at 9:30 CST...and you find out the winner everyday at about 5:30 CST. They usually pick about 3-5 winners for each prize! I won these two prizes...not too shabby! The giveaways will be starting again on Monday Feb. 13th...they're taking a break over the weekend! And there will only be three more days of giveaways, so don't miss out! Please comeback and let us know what you win!

Crock-Pot Slow Cooker


  1. Hi, I am a big fan of your blog and would love to know how you win all these prizes. Do you carry around a lucky penny or something???? hahahaha WTG my friend. I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to get my slow cooker either. We have 3 more days to try to win. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. LOL! Sherri Williams is my lucky penny!!! If it weren't for her showing me all the contests I would never have won! I win at most of the contests she points out! I can't wait to get my prizes too! Especially the ice-cream maker....I want to make gelato! I don't care thats is 20 degrees outside! I'll be eating gelato all winter! lol!


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